Pneumatic Feeders / Pneumatic Rotative Tables / Pneumatic Presses

MAPE pneumatic feeders are fit for the follow-up link of hydraulic eccentric presses, etc. They are used wherever the feeding of different kind of materials is required bands, straps, threads, tubular material, paper, rubber, etc.

MAPE rotative tables are available in different version: TRP 160, TRP 270 and TRI 270. This kind of equipment can be used in industrial fields requiring small rotating processes, drilling equipment, threading devices, anywhere the automatic feeding of particular series is necessary.

Our range of pneumatic presses PR includes more models with a max push of 265-3300 daN.
The presses are equipped with a safety circuit and two hands control. Pneumatic presses without control valves are also available.

The structure of the press is in steel and the rod of the piston is driven by a rotation prevention device.  The stroke of the piston is completely adjustable.