SHOTING  machines are machines that perform the cleaning of surfaces of different materials such as metal, plastic, glass or wood. Used when we have large amount of material to clean up in a record time. The principle of work is simple: an abrasive material such as an iron, a glass or an iron sphere as it falls into a fan’s sprocket rotates from it and when it receives high speed it is channeled to the object to be cleaned by scraping it with abrasive material in the case iron tones in size from 0.1 to 0.05 mm. as dust. The high impact force has the frictional effect on the surface as defined by the workpiece. All the scrap foundations, welding, sharp lids as a result of mechanical cutting and their rounding make this machine to be unsustainable, economical. since it is an automatic machine through a PLC, it can also produce soft material such as a bakery, zama. With clean details that conventional methods require a lot of manual time work as well as auxiliary materials.